The Bhaji London

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  • Halal

Menu The Bhaji London

Looking for authentic Indian flavours and taste outside your home? There is nothing like the Indian platter served with original spices and herbs made through the very Indian recipes. Indian food lovers and those of home-made Indian food need not search in vain for it. The Bhaaji London is here for all your quests for authentic Indian dishes. Tandoori being an unmatched part of Indian cuisine, we proudly present our Tandoori dishes like Tandoori King Prawns, Grill Lamb Chops, Royal Tandoori, Tandoori Fish, Mixed Seafood Shashlik, Spicy Chicken Tikka among others. Our specialities in Indian curry are Vindaloo, Korma, Kashmir, Mushroom curry, Rogan, Dupiaza etc. In Biryani dishes we serve Prawn biryani, Tikka biryani, Bangla biryani, Tandoori Mixed biryani etc which are most popular. There are various Paneer special dishes like Paneer Tikka Korma, Green Paneer Tikka Curry, Paneer Tikka Naga, Paneer Tikka Masala etc which is served to our vegetarian customers. Appetizers have gained their own place in Indian cuisine and in our menu, there are a lot of appetizers namely, Aloo Chat, Prawn Cocktail, Tandoori Wings, Seekh Kebab, Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Pakora, Prawn Puree etc. We are quite famous for our special Indian dishes like King Prawn Jalfra, Grill Wings Jalfrazi, Tikka Korai, Passanda, Chicken Shatkora, Green Chicken, Shorshe Raja Chingri, Bhaji Special Chicken, Chicken Shagorana etc. These go very well with our rice and bread items. Apart from all of these, there are a collection of sweet dishes such as Pineapple Delight, Fluet Hazel, Kulfi Ice cream, Coconut Supreme etc. So do pay a visit to us or just order from our menu online.

About The Bhaji London

The Bhaaji London is the one-stop destination for all Indian foods lovers. They can get many varieties of Indian dishes and snacks under one roof. We offer affordable dining with a large number of choices for our customers. We also try to keep our quality at very best. Our ingredients are sourced from genuine suppliers and kept fresh. Our chefs recreate the authenticate taste of all the Indian foods just like they meant for. You will get the same flavour as that of home-made food in our preparations. Our food delivery service ensures that the customers who order their food through our app would also get fresh and hotly served dishes. You can download our app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy our meals at your home. So definitely visit our cafe and recreate good memories with all of your loved ones at the cafe or just order online to make it at your home.

Restaurant location The Bhaji London

We are located at 6 Chapel House Street, London, E14 3AS. Our location is very convenient for consumers to reach us through any means. It is connected to each nook and corner of the city. Our app can help to reach to the correct location by diving navigational directions. We can also serve our customers in a very short time due to our ideally placed location. They can order their food online from their home and leave everything to us. We ensure speedy delivery and smoky hot foods. So do visit our cafe with friends and family and enjoy our hospitability.

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